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I bought two items.

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I bought the first item at West Vancouver store and the other one via BestBuy web store.
However, I was not satisfied the second item because it cooked rice and food very slowly. Therefore, I decided to return the second item at West Vancouver store and I visited the store to return it.
The problem came up at the moment. When I tried to return the salesperson who was a woman with a short haircut. The woman frowned and told me with unpleasant voice. I was very disappointed and asked her "What is the problem?". She said "You shouldn't have brought the item after opening to me if you bought via BestBuy web store." She was very rude and impolite. I was very upset and brought it back to my home. I asked about the return policy of the rice cooker to my friends and BestBuy help desk. All people said it is perfectly OK if I am not satisfied the rice cooker and I can return the item at any BestBuy store.
I was very upset for the salesperson and remember her name. 

I don't know how BestBuy is teaching your salespersons, but it was an unacceptable response from a salesperson. I want to return the item at another store.

In addition, I expect your explanation and the following action about the salesperson.

Anyway, I will talk about your explanation and the following action with my friends and acquaintances.

Thank you for reading my complaint.

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Re: I bought two items.

Hi there @doxa, very sorry to hear you have been having issues Smiley Frustrated I'd be more than pleased to help get you in touch with the Customer Experience team here so this can be sorted right out for you! Would you please check your messages and respond with the details requested. 



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