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Registered: ‎11-20-2011

Dissapointed in Beacon Hill Futureshop service

Never have I been so disappointed with something from Futureshop.  In the past we have bought a washer and drier as well as many electronics (satellite radio, car starter, Ipad, TV) from Futureshop.


After comparison shopping we went to Futureshop, Beacon Hill – Calgary,  to look for a new dishwasher.  The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and we negotiated a deal based on the price of the dishwasher, installation and warranty.


I could go into every detail at length but in summary:


Told it would be installed Thursday – no installer showed up, called Futureshop asking for call back, nobody called me back, had to go down in person.  It seemed to be resolved and I was to be called Friday (half day away from work) with a time it would be installed.


Friday – no call.  I called Futureshop.  After an hour with no call back went to store, spoke to manager who gave me phone to talk directly to company that contracts installer.


Company (Quickcontractor) said they would call at noon.  They called back at noon to tell me they had still not gotten hold of installer.  At 1230 they called and said “the installer would call shortly” to set up a time later that day. 


2 and half hours later I had to call Quickcontractor as nobody called me.  I asked for the local number and called him while talking to Quickconnect.  Local guy said he would call me back.


Local guy never called me back.  I called him and he said he would call between 8 and 10 Saturday morning.  No call.  I called Quickconnect.  They said between 1 and 2.  The installer called @ 1245 to say she could not make it but would be here Sunday morning at 9. 


Sunday morning at 10:05 I called the installer when they were not here.


He said “yeah I am leaving the house” and then asked for directions to my place.


To recap:


Totally unprofessional and lack of communication from Futureshop and the installer. 


Thursday – half day wasted waiting for the install.


Friday – half day wasted trying to get an install.


Saturday – morning wasted waiting for call and install.


Sunday  (time of this writing ) 90 minutes waiting for the install.


I won’t say that I would never shop at Futureshop again as I have had a lot of positive experiences however this experience and the complete lack of consideration for my time, lack of communication, and lack of professionalism will have me looking at Futureshop as one option instead of my best option.


I made my deal with Futureshop. The fact that I have had to deal with a half-wit installer and various other contractors who I did not make arrangements with is lame.  I also received exactly 1 apology during this entire time.


Disappointing does not begin to describe this experience.

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