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Bluetooth output from TV

I am looking for a product I can plug into the TV that will produce bluetooth audio. Then I am hoping to pair it with wireless headphones. My TV is not a smart tv....there is no headphone jack....I think the only 'audio out' port is the one labelled 'digital audio out' and the port is something i've never used before - looks kind of like a small modem plug in?

I have been trying to find something for a long time, but nothing indicates it uses the 'digital audio out' port. Your help is appreciated!

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Re: Bluetooth output from TV

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If your TV gets its signal from a cable or satellite receiver box, I recommend you obtain the audio output directly from one of the analog audio output ports on the back of the receiver box (and not the TV itself). To transmit the analog audio output from the cable or satellite receiver box to a Bluetooth headset, you need a "Bluetooth audio adapter". Future Shop sells this model .


Alternatively, there are a few adapters available that will directly take the optical audio output of your TV and transmit it wirelessly to a Bluetooth headset. Do a web search for a product called "TosBlue II". Before buying this product: If your TV gets its signal from a TV receiver box, check the owner manual for your TV to make sure it outputs a signal from its optical audio output if the source signal to the TV is coming in externally such as from a TV receiver box. Many TVs will not output sound from their optical audio output if the audio input to the TV is provided externally (ie the TV is not connected directly to an antenna or a coax cable TV input).


Unless there is a compelling reason why you want to use your existing Bluetooth headset, you might consider just getting a new set of wireless headphones with a base unit that can be cabled directly to the audio output of the TV receiver box - Future Shop has many models available over a wide range of prices.

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