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Klipsch SW115 Removed from website

Was just wondering if the Klipsch SW115B will return to the online store. Was interested in purchasing one, and noticed that it has now been taken down from the site. Would really like to get one, but can't order it instore and futureshop is the only local dealer of Klipsch.

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Re: Klipsch SW115 Removed from website

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lowlead - as you are probably aware, this peer-to-peer discussion forum will rarely receive responses from Future Shop employees with "inside knowledge" of what products Future Shop may or may not stock.


My impression - based on what I perceive to be a gradual dwindling of the range of Klipsch speakers that Future Shop has continued to keep in inventory over the past six months - is that Future Shop may be phasing out their distribution of Klipsch home audio speakers.


My recommendation to you - if you are shopping for a subwoofer in the size and price range of the Klipsch SW-115 - do some more research on what is available. Klipsch subwoofers are okay - but you can get far better value for the money with other sub brands. Some of the biggest names (and best reviewed) subwoofers for home theatre use are manufactured by companies that only market via the internet.

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Re: Klipsch SW115 Removed from website

Hello - Klipsch continues at Future Shop. The SW115 was temporarily out of stock but should be back on soon.

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