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Best video camera/computer for video blogging

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I'm looking into video blogging on the web. Can you give me the best video camera/software/computer combination to do this?

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Re: Best video camera/computer for video blogging

I think you can use any camera for videos.  Some thoughts...

  • SD is faster to process and upload
  • HD will give you images 3 to 6 times sharper for more detail
  • Pocket camcorders will be the fastest to upload with the built in USB
  • Regular camcorders will offer higher Mbps and resulting in less compression in your video
  • larger camcorders will offer more zoom
  • Large sensor camcorders will give you better low light
  • DSLR videos will give you the best quality.... do not use auto focus (unless they are STM lenses).
  • Please use a tripod when possible.  Shaky videos are a big turn off.
  • Check out Matrox MXO2 if render time is an issue
  • Do you want 3D?
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Re: Best video camera/computer for video blogging

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Also - if you're really looking to get heavily into this, an external microphone may be a good option as well. It will let you expand your possibilities a little bit further without always having to be so close to your camera.

Post your profile here as well so we can take a look at what you've done! :smileyhappy:

Good luck!


EDIT - I would personally advise you to go with a camcorder, if you have not already. I find Sony to be top notch both for quality and price, and it will keep you from upgrading your camera once again in 6-8 months

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Re: Best video camera/computer for video blogging

I would probably get a smartphone like the iPhone 4S or 5 along with a tripod.
- Leo H.
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