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ConnectPro Computer Services board

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If you're looking to get a computer issue troubleshooted, head on over to the ConnectPro Computer Services board where a ConnectPro Expert or fellow community member will be happy to help!
What can a ConnectPro Computer Services Expert help you with?
  • Setting up your computer system(s) so it works perfectly.
  • Personalizing your system(s) and tailoring your network.
  • Ensuring your data is safe, whether you're working wirelessly, streaming to your TV or sharing files.
  • Connecting multiple computers in your home.
  • Repairing, upgrading and tuning your computer(s) - in warranty, out of warranty, and under Product Service Plan (PSP).
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Re: ConnectPro Computer Services board

Can I get a more powerful video card added on to my laptop when I buy it?

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Re: ConnectPro Computer Services board

Generally speaking, laptop components are fused into the motherboard, making them impossible to upgrade. The only things that are readily able to be upgraded are the HDD and the RAM. Everything else is pretty much built-in. Your best bet if you are looking for a laptop that you can game with is to get a gaming laptop.


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Re: ConnectPro Computer Services board



I have HP Pavilion 15.6" AMD Quad-Core A8-3500M Laptop (DV6-6184CA) - Dark Umber with 3 year PSP. 

I see my laptop has become very slow with loud fan noise and it becomes hot soon.


This Laptop is very essential for my business and i like to how long it usually takes to service the laptop for these problems.


Also i like to know if upgrading my harddisk to ssd is worth the money.




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