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New router Help

So I'm looking for a new router I'm so sick of my D-Links 625 ranger booster N the thing keeps failing on me I've had it for a number of years, one of the first N version to come out.


Now I seek a new router cos of all the issues I have with this one in the last year.


So for all you smart guy/gals out there please give me some good advice on which to purchase.



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Re: New router Help

I have had great experiences with both of these routers as I have configured them previously in multi-story homes and found no dead spots:

SKU: 10181071

The D-Link DIR-645 Whole Home Router 1000 gives you smarter, more powerful networking. Designed for high bandwidth use, this wireless router employs 6 antennas and SmartBeam technology to not only expand wireless coverage and speed, but also intelligently allocate resources to those that need it.


SKU: 10169187

Designed for heavy bandwidth usage, the Linksys E2500 wireless router features simultaneous dual-band Wireless N technology that's capable of streaming HD video and games. It offers a large range, so you'll be able to connect almost anywhere in your household. The E2500 is easy to set up, easy to secure, and easy to manage.

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