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Wireless router and ram question

Question 1: I need to get two wireless routers that can support around 50-70 devices (accumulatively, not individually) and have the options to block torrenting through blocking ports or devices or what have you. Currently the 2 routers in the apartment building are very limited with it's admin tools, but they do support up to 8k active sessions (it says but I don't believe it). Any suggestions for this?


Question 2: Found that one of my 3 ram sticks went bad : DDR3 - 1333 6G(3x2G)kits. I need to get more ram, since I believe each stick is 2G, leaving me with 4gs. I know there is some some of power of two rule for this kind of thing but I can't remember it. I use the computer for 3d applications and content creation along with gaming. Any suggestions?



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