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adaptor for ps3 and computer monitor

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is there an adaptor to hook up ps3 to a computer monitor

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Re: adaptor for ps3 and computer monitor

It depends on the inputs on your monitor. HDMI works.

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Re: adaptor for ps3 and computer monitor

I'm going to guess that the user isn't looking for HDMI, as that's a simple fix (just buy an HDMI cable).


Most monitors, even older ones from many years ago, have both VGA (smaller blue port) and DVI inputs (longer white port).  If your monitor has DVI input on it, then this is afairly simple fix - Future Shop sells video cables and adapters for just such a purpose.


For example, this handy adapter makes it simple for you if you already own a HDMI cable.  Simply plug the HDMI cable into the PS3, the other end into the adapter, and then plug that into your monitor.


Or, you could get this cable if you don't already own an HDMI cable.  Same as before, plug the HDMI end into your PS3, and then the DVI end into your monitor.


If your monitor only has VGA input, then it becomes a little more complicated, but not terribly so.  It does, however, make things more expensive.  Given that you are going to be sending a signal from the PS3 via the HDMI output (most likely), this becomes a DVI-D signal.  Given that, in order to go from DVI-D to VGA (analog), a conversion has to take place for the signal to display properly.  This adapter does exactly that, but it is more expensive than most people would likely want to pay to convert a digital signal to a lower quality, analog signal.  You'd likely want to combine this converter with the second cable I mentioned to you above. 


The choice is yours, but based on what I saw on the FS website, this is the best option should you be stuck having to go this route.  Either that, or buy yourself a new monitor with digital inputs.


Good luck to you and I hope this provided some help.










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