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Registered: ‎11-04-2012

pairing my cell phone with my laptop...laptop does not have bluetooth

Hello.  I need to use my cell phone to get internet access on my Acer laptop.  However, my laptop does not have bluetooth.  Is it possible to get some kind of external blutooth device that will allow me to pair with my cell phone?

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Exalted Expert / Community Ambassador
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Re: laptop does not have bluetooth

Adding Bluetooth to a laptop is super easy.... just get one of these USB devices..


I use Bluetooth to wirelessly update and backup my Blackberry all the time.

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Re: pairing my cell phone with my laptop...laptop does not have bluetooth

Depending on your cellphone you may also be able to do USB tethering by using your cellphone's included USB cable to connect it directly to your computer.

Word of caution: If you havent already, always check with your cellphone service provider before tethering(USB/Bluetooth/Hotspot) as there may be additional charges or fees for data
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