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A good Priced gaming Laptop

I'm looking for a Laptop that is perferably 15' and has Deticated graphics. ALthough I'm not to picky. I just need some help from the community for one that looks good as well. 


One that can handle most games, looks good and is priced between 7-800 dollars 


Thanks in advance,

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Re: A good Priced gaming Laptop

The three machines I found are as follows:


below are some of my most commonly asked questions as these will help me better assist you:

whats your budget?
what are you using your computer for?
desktop or laptop?
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Re: A good Priced gaming Laptop

It is very important as XL said to give us some insight on your needs. There are different ranges of "gaming' laptops per say, that may be enough to handle the type of games you are playing. What type of games are they (i.e first person shooter, or stuff like Diablo 3). Reason I ask is because lots of these games have different video card requirements.



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