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Fuse Monitor model f-17gs

My wife has had this monitor for about 2 years and yesterday it just quit.It went black screen.We have a spare monitor so we confirmed it is not the computer.
I unplugged it and re booted it and nothing. All the connections are good and tight.The power LED comes on momentarily then flickers and goes out.
I cannot find thier web site because every time I try to Google it all I get is monitor fuse problems. I tried Trademark Fuse etc. and nothing.
So if any one else has had this problem I would like to hear from you and if any one can get me a web sit for this product that would help.
And las but not least if Future Shop would advise me or help in any way it would be appreciated.
Thanks everyone
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If the monitor is still covered under warranty, either by...

If the monitor is still covered under warranty, either by the manufacturer or by the Product Service Plan, simply bring the monitor in to your nearest Future Shop to get it serviced.
If the monitor is out of warranty, check out local electronics repair places. They may be able to fix your monitor for you. Once the monitor is out of warranty, there's not a whole lot Future Shop can do with it, unfortunately.
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Most monitors have a 3 year warranty (unless bought OEM o...

Most monitors have a 3 year warranty (unless bought OEM or refurbished). Directly get a hold of the manufacturer and they will refer you to a depot repair shop. Otherwise consider this a great opportunity to upgrade your monitor to a large flat panel - they are very affordable and will probably out perform your current mode.
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Monitor was bought @ future shop and I know that my monitor is not under warranty ...But my monitor is a flat screen and it a 17 inch so up grading should not be the answer to the question asked by us...

we need the address to the company FUSE this is the monitor that was given to me when I bought my computer.The other man also wanted the address..

I would also like the address to see if there is any thing that I could do other then bring it to the shop to get it fixed.

thanks for your help although it is not the answer to the question asked by original post.


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I had a fuse monitor for about a year or two and just all...

I had a fuse monitor for about a year or two and just all of the sudden it just died on me. I'd think they would last longer then two years.
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You know, I was looking and really can't find anything at...

You know, I was looking and really can't find anything at all.  Your best bet is just to try to take your monitor into your local electronics repair shop and see if there's a quick fix (it just might be a burnt out bulb or fuse or something similar).  Worse comes to worse, you find out it's going to cost $100 or more to repair, so you can choose to find a new one at that point.

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Maybe Long overdue but...

I myself have one of these monitors.

The number supplied with the monitor for tech concerns is: 888-325-1555

The service and support website is:
The email address is:
And yes, it is for a FUSE monitor. This is the info that came with mine three years or so ago, I kept the manuals because I'm a packrat. :smileyhappy:

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yaa my moniter is still covered under warranty.. i will   defenetly go to future shop for get serviced...

thanks for the information..


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