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Gaming Computer or Laptop

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Now, I know this has been asked probably about 100+ times, but everytime I try to read through recommendations I get lost in all of the tech-y words that are thrown around.


I'm going to have around $2000 to spend, give or take. I was looking at this Alienware laptop, but if anyone has any recommendations on a GOOD gaming laptop, I'd be greatful. Battery life doesn't matter, I'll probably have the thing plugged in most of the time. I'd prefer it if it was a laptop, but if computers are better then I guess I could be open for some suggestions for those as well.


I'm going to be playing games like The Sims 2, The Sims 3, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Skyrim, etc. That's probably it. The rest of the time I'll be going on the internet and what-not. I'd like to be able to run my Sims games on the highest possible quality, and other games on AT LEAST Med-High quality. I'm really picky when it comes to my graphics.


Right now I have a little Acer computer. I originally got it at Future Shop (I believe). I got it at around $500.. would this be a decent enough computer? It runs The Sims 2 fine, but I can't have Sims 3 on high, only low-med. I haven't tried any other games on it.


Alright, sorry for all of that blab. Let me know of any recommendations/if the Alienware is good enough. Thanks!

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Re: Gaming Computer or Laptop

You could get an Alienware, but there are better options IMO out there. 


What you want to look for in a gaming laptop is first and foremost good cooling, because when you have powerful hardware running at full or close to full load they will produce a ton of heat. WIthout proper cooling your computer will heat up really quickly once you start to put load on it, and as that happens your hardware will perform slower, and can eventually be forced to shut down. So, what you want is a dual fan push-pull configuration that is facing the rear of the laptop, this is available on the Alienware, the Asus G series, and a few other power-based laptops. I would definitely avoid any single fan configuration laptops like the Toshiba Qosmio or the HP Envy.


After that most laptops around the $2000 range has decent specs, enough for most games. What you want to look for is an 3rd gen i7 processor ending with QM (stands for quad-core mobile, i7's ending in just M are only dual cores), and a non-workstation graphics card. Also probably a 1080p screen. 


I would recommend this: 



SKU: 10243106

Prepare for battle and enjoy top-tier HD entertainment with the ASUS G75VW-DH72-CA 17.3" gaming laptop. It comes fully loaded with a 3rd generation Intel i7 quad-core processor, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX graphics, dual-drive storage, Thunderbolt connectivity and unique cooling and noise-reducing features that eliminate any distractions.


It has a quad-core 3rd gen i7, a GTX 670M with 3GB vram, a large SSD along with a regular hard drive, 1080p screen, dual-fan rear facing cooling, and will definitely play pretty much any game at max or close to max. It's also one of the few laptops that come with Thunderbolt connection and Wifi AC. Thunderbolt will let you connect a wide array of external equipment at lightning speeds and Wireless AC is the replacement to Wireless N, being faster, longer range, better penetration, and more consistency. You can get an Alienware in a similar price range but you wont get anyware close to these specs. Also the whole thing has 2 year warranty. 


Best of luck. 

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Re: Gaming Computer or Laptop

I would still recommend a desktop for gaming, better performance for the buck and better experience!

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Re: Gaming Computer or Laptop

A desktop will always offer better performance than a laptop for the same money. However if you want a portable solution for gaming then I would suggest the following checkpoints: i7 CPU look for a dedicated graphics card with at least 1GB dedicated memory, at least 8GB RAM, and last but not least an SSD you probably want at least 250GB storage.

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Re: Gaming Computer or Laptop

I'm going to back these guys up and suggest you get a mid-level desktop and upgrade the graphics card and power supply. You may need a 650 to 800 watt power supply to run a larger graphics card, depends on how much you will have hooked up to it. Theres nothing wrong with getting a larger power supply than what you need, but you want o be covered.


I suggested a mid-level PC to keep in your budget, the graphics card I would recommend is the 680 GTX, get the 4GB card $582...not the 2GB card!

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The power supply might cost $100 to $150.

After taxes you'll come close. 

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