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I need a computer that can play boderlands

I need a laptop with a good enough graphics card to play boderlands but not to exspensive so if you could give me a good idea please tell me???!!!!!!!!!
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Re: I need a computer that can play boderlands

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You are going to have to define "not too expensive" for us before we can offer any real advice. 


On first look, it sounds like what you are asking for is too good to be true.  Computers, especially laptops, that are capable of running games like Borderlands smoothly, fall generally in the higher-end spectrum of computers.  Laptops capable of running such games tend to fall even higher in the higher-end spectrum of laptops. 


If you can find an inexpensive laptop that is fully capable of running a game as recent as Borderlands, I'd like to know, so I can take advantage of it too! :smileyvery-happy:


Good luck!



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