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all-in-one vs cpu tower

I am not too clear on what is the better way to go I'm pricing both a 15 and 17 Gateway CPU  or 2 ZX6961 Gateway all in one ????? help? I can't find anything that allows me to compare. thank you

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Re: all-in-one vs cpu tower

While All-in-one's will save you space and look more attractive.  Towers will save you money in the long run because you can swap out parts as each one fails or you want to upgrade (ie hard drives and CPU's). Towers also do a better job at heat dissipation. 

Then again, all my recent machines have been laptop's and it's like an All-in-one.


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Re: all-in-one vs cpu tower

Another advantage with a tower as opposed to the All in one is that if a peripheral component needs servicing or replacing(such as the webcam), then with the tower you can still use your computer, with the All in one you have to send your entire computer(including the screen) in for repair. So you're giving up one type of convenience for another, really.
Robert Paradis
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Re: all-in-one vs cpu tower

Friend had the monitor of all in one go and had to get a new computer(out of date for warranty)
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