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best laptop to download music, watch online movies, vide...

best laptop to download music, watch online movies, video chat
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Re: best laptop to download music, watch online movies, vide...

There is no 'best' to answer your questions specifically, as what you are looking for, most computers are capable of doing.


1 - Downloading of music means having a good internet connection, which isn't computer specific.  Just the same, you should be looking for a computer with ample hard drive space to store your music and possibly a CD/DVD writer to take your music to work or in the car (assuming you don't have an MP3 player).


2 - Watching movies online begs the question of what quality the movies are you're watching.  Youtube standard definition movies can play back on a netbook with little to no issue, but once you up the quality of the movie to 720P or even 1080p, a netbook may not be able to keep pace.  If the highest quality, 1080p movies are what you are looking for, then ensuring you have a dual core processor with a minimum of 4GB of ram should do the trick.  If you have a sample of a movie you wish to be able to watch, bring it to the store with you and try it out on a laptop you're interested in.  If it plays back well, then you're good to go.


3 - Video chat merely requires a web cam built into the laptop.  This seems to be a standard feature in most laptops these days, only difference is the degree of quality.  Higher end cameras offer a higher MP (Megapixel) count which means a clearer picture for the person on the other end, but requires more bandwidth on your (and their) internet connection.  Equally, a lower end one isn't as bandwidth intensive but also isn't as clear.


Long story short -- there is no wrong answer in whichever you choose as a laptop, generally you get what you pay for.  Aiming for a mid-range price will get you what you need and spending more will merely increase the experience.

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