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New Asus laptop won't load??

I just bought a new Asus laptop a few days ago. Downloaded a few programs and browsed the web a bit. It was working fine yesterday.... This morning when I turned my laptop on, it wouldn't load. It goes to windows 10 and keeps loading forever. I can't even end task, it won't load. There was a time when the box to end microsoft windows 10 process appeared but I didnt click anything.

Should I bring it to geeksquad or return it? Since there is a 14 days return policy.
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Re: New Asus laptop won't load??

I would turn the machine on and let it go overnight.  New machine?  I assume it may be busy downloading all the patches in the last year.

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Re: New Asus laptop won't load??

If it won't boot or turn off, take it in... but be warned... bought an ASUS laptop from Best Buy in 2013 and have to take it to geek squad 8 times already, 3 of which were hard drive replacements. WEIRD!!!!

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Re: New Asus laptop won't load??

Hi there,

If your laptop is stuck at a loading screen for more than a couple hours definitely take it back to the store for an exchange.
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Re: New Asus laptop won't load??

If the unit is not even displaying the boot screen (fairly common issue on new 8/8.1/10 units) i would suggest to do a power flush. What i mean is removing the battery and having it not plugged in and than pressing the power button a few times. If the battery is built in some units have a pin hole that you can press with a paperclip.