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remote starter

Hi i was wondering how much it would cost to install  a starter in my car i have a 2006 mazda6 I with one key i was told there would have to be a bypass aswell ???

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Re: remote starter

You would have to go into a store for a quote on price. But make sure you know all the options you want ahead of time so they can give you a package price.Check the connectpro section of this website for some of the basic pricing.


Yes you will need a 'bypass', as your car won't start without the key and the code from the key. The remote starter will turn on the bypass and it will give the vehicle the code just so it will start. This still keeps the security of a chipped key intact.

      As long as they use the right bypass you will only need one key (would be a cheaper bypass if you had two keys).



1. Keyless entry (if you have power locks).

2. Keyless trunk release (may require a motor to be installed to pop the trunk)

3. Factory alarm arm and disarm (don't want the starter to set off your factory alarm)

4. Panic/Car finder (basically, just hooked up to your horn to honk)

5. Anti-grind (cars already started and you turn the key too far.........ouch! this prevents that)

6. Corner store take over (leave the car running and take your keys into the store, so your car can stay locked and secure)

7. Rear defroster activation (only on some starters. It will activate the rear defroster when the temperature is below a certain degree - very nice in the winter).

8. Activate seat heaters (so nice if you have a cold rear)

9. Two way remotes (shows a screen and lets you know what the car is doing, even when you can't see the car)


There are probably more, but that should start you off



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