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Acer Aspire laptop stuck at shut down update screen. Help?

I just bought an Acer Aspire laptop, model number 5251-1940 and I was updating it. It did all the updates from Windows and everything at first and asked me to shut down in order to complete the process. When shutting down, it said "Installing update 1 of 58" and it got upto 45. But it's been stuck at update 45 for an hour now.

What should I do? It's telling me not to shut down. And I'm afraid if I do, it might damage the Windows.

I haven't created the Recovery Dics either. I was gonna do that after restarting the laptop.
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Re: Acer Aspire laptop stuck at shut down update screen. Help?

There's not much else to do at this point except for power the computer off and restart it.


Worst case scenario, if Windows Update can't recover from the failed batch of updates, you can always restore the system without recovery disks. Simply holt Alt and keep tapping F10 at the Acer logo that appears when you first turn the laptop on, and stop when the Acer logo disappears. If 'Windows is loading files' appears at the bottom of the screen, you've started the restoration process successfully.


In most cases, though, Windows can recover from hung updates like this without issue.

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