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Trojan Virus Removal at Futureshop

Hi, I bought my laptop at Future Shop just over two years ago. I somehow got a Trojan virus (Alureon) yesterday and none of my anti-virus programs will remove it. How much would it cost to bring it in to Future Shop and have them do it?
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Re: Trojan Virus Removal at Futureshop

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That's something that I could remove right now for your through Future Shop's ConnectPro Online support if you would like for $149.99,

 Click on the banner below if you would like to get started 

Or if my banner shows offline click here  to connect with one of our other Online Support Experts who can help you.

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Re: Trojan Virus Removal at Futureshop

Otherwise, you can bring your computer in to your nearest Future Shop for virus removal. Though it's more of a hassle than connectiong to an online expert, it's usually cheaper.


You can check out the prices for in-store virus removal here.

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