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Connect pro's led/lcd callibration services

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I recently purchased a 70" Sharp led tv. I was regrettably talked in to purchasing the "callibration service" . I had to wait a month as they advised it would take approx 100 hrs as a break in period. The tech arrived and wasted 2 1/2 hrs of my time and $199.00 + tax of my money. There are numerous pre programmed pic and colour settings for this tv and the user setting was used for callibration. He recallibrated the pic and said the numbers were great. Too bad the pic was not as great as the numbers. i waited 2 days before coming to a conclusion as i wanted to get a broad spectrum of pic results from hd to std. The callibrated pic is terrible as colours are flushed and definition in shadows etc is almost not detectable, yet thie sales gimmick by Future shop is tooo improve all this. They have offered to send another tech and waste another 2-3 hrs of my work time, but I have no comfidence in their ability to correct the problem or actually improve on the factory settings and feel I deserve a full refund. I hope anyone who is intending to purchase a new led or lcd tv from future shop reads this note and do not do as I did and let a over zealous sales person and dept manager talk you into wasting your money. 

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Re: Connect pro's led/lcd callibration services

Thank you for your post to the Future Shop Community Forum. We appreciate your feedback and value your opinions.

We have forwarded your concern to our Customer Service department and they will be contacting you directly via email in regards to your concerns.

Please note that the Forum is not intended for customer service issues.

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Re: Connect pro's led/lcd calibration services

Well, before you think you got duped, did you actually look into what calibration is?  If you Google calibration and what it is and what it does, I'm sure you will be surprised as to what you find. 

Once the Sharp 70" is calibrated it looks pretty darn good.  I was looking at it today and out of the box there are many errors in colour saturation, colour temp, black levels and grayscale.  The "blue" colour overall is pretty high, much higher than all the other colours and needs to be adjusted.  The TV's not even in the right aspect ratio when watching a BluRay disc.


The preset AV Modes are at best just ways to make the TV bright and shiny or brighter and shinier...which is great for buying a car, but not great for a TV.


Here's what I would suggest.   First, watch some sports.  Look at the team colours and ask yourself, are the colours accurate.  Is that really Leafs blue or Packers green and yellow.  Do the ads/sponsors on the boards look like they should?


Next start watching movies and shows that are dark.  Harry Potter, The Dark Knight and CSI work well.  Are you seeing detail in the dark shadows of the picture or are the blacks washed out and dull.


And finally, put a picture of yourself or someone you know really well and look at your skin tone and texture, hair colour and texture, the highlights on the face...the colour of your clothes.


If you do all of these things then you should be able to see a difference in the pre programmed modes to the calibrated mode if done correctly.  I would maybe have the tech or a different tech come out and tell them what you think the problems areas are.  They should be able to address the issues and correct for any problems.  He should be able to show you exactly what they are doing on each step of the calibration.  Scamming people isn't good for business so they tend not to do it, you may be unaware of what was actually supposed to happen because it wasn't explained very well.


And for the record, if you go into the advance setting on that TV, I feel confident in assuming that you don't really have an idea as to what all those CMS, Gamma and Colour Temp settings are for...most people don't.  But I do, and they are all for calibration, put there by Sharp so you can have your TV properly tuned for your room and to the sources (BD, sat, DVD, etc.,) you are using.


Please don't take this like I'm questioning your knowledge or ability. I've been in the industry for a long time, have taken courses, read the books, done the grunt work and I know a few things.  I know what is accurate in a picture and your TV out of the box...isn't.  Why isn't it...thats a question for Sharp.


I would be happy to offer any advice and answer any questions I can for you.



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Re: Connect pro's led/lcd calibration services

I understand your reaction on the appearance of your TV. It's quite a change, and it can take many by surprise. The thing is, the other 'modes' you mention are basically there to sell the TV, the manufacturer is a business, and they need to sell their product to stay viable. Image accuracy doesnt come into it.


Since the 'before' look has been shown to Joe Public on consumer grade for decades, consumers, through no fault of their own, have been perseded to think that's how TVs should look.


The good news is, it isn't. Think of your favorite movie.


Okay, now think of who directed that movie. If you don't know, look on the back of the box. 


Wether its George Lucas, Christopher Nolan, Stephen Speilberg, Coppola, or whomever, now imagine having them come to your house. 


You're going to watch that movie with them! Imagine! Hanging out, having a beer and popcorn with the man/woman who made and directed your favourite movie! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!?!


You pop the disc in the tray, and load it up on that brand new 60" plasma/LCD you just bought from FutureShop 2 weeks ago, still barely out of the box....


The movie comes on... You are pumped. But your new director freind? He's annoyed.


"That looks NOTHING like I filmed! I can't watch this!"


Why is your new film freind upset? Wouldn't you be if the art you made wasn't portrayed anything like you created?


The director and many editors etc worked for weeks perfecting it, on screens that can cost $10,000 EACH. 


Calibration, makes a consumer grade panel ACT like a monitor the director, sitting on your couch in that imaginary scenario used.  


A calibration, if it follows the rules and broadcast standards, means you will see what your favourite movie creator WANTED you to see. Not, what Samsung/Sony/LG/Sharp etc want you to see.


Who knows better, the artist, or the messenger...?



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