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How do I hook up my polk audio speakers to my tv?

How do I hook up my polk audio speakers to my tv?
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Re: How do I hook up my polk audio speakers to my tv?

You need to purchase what's called an A/V receiver. has a large variety to choose from, ranging from 2 channel to 9.1 with many options to choose from in between.

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Re: How do I hook up my polk audio speakers to my tv?

Most Polks don't come with speaker wire, I had to buy a spool and connect it on my own to my receiver. My suggestion is to buy a spool of Monster speaker wire and have fun.

If you haven't done this before don't worry because its not overly complicated, though it may sound like it. You will be doing a bit of wire surgery:

1. Make sure your receiver is unplugged, this will prevent you from getting zapped.

2. If you have 4 speakers and a center you need to get enough wire to get to each of them (hence the reason I suggested a spool). Depending on your set-up, each will require its own specific length of cable.

When measuring it out, measure from the back of the speaker where the input is, right down to the floor, directly to the receiver (take into consideration the height the receiver is off the floor so you don't leave yourself short), and cut the wire.

Before you start hooking them up, there are 2 wires per wire, ensure each side lines up with the to red and black to black.

3. Cut (with an exacto knife or wire cutters) about a centimeter of the plastic coating from the wire to expose it. Unscrew the terminal (either red or black), and you will see a hole. Put the wire in there and screw the red or black knob back down so its snug but not too tight. Do this for each of them.

4. Once all are connected you'll need to hook up your sub, this will require its own cable.

5. Now that the sound is connected you can plug in your receiver. On the receiver (and provided all of the other components are connected) you select which output you want to use. Let's say HDMI 1 your Blu-Ray player and your TV is on the right output (usually HDMI 1...for myself anyways), you should now be able to get sound and picture from all of your speakers.

You can further the sound by going into the receivers' menu, don't be afraid of is where the manual can be your best friend...even I've flipped through mine. You can make further adjustments from there to tweak it.

Hope this helps :smileyhappy:
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Re: How do I hook up my polk audio speakers to my tv?

Thankyou for the great advice on hooking up speakers to my TV.  Very helpful.....thx


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