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Receiver Problem

I bought a lg tv and a receiver 3 months ago everything was working fine then my ps3 wouldnt work. i tried to connect the ps3 directly to the tv and it worked. so i figured i needed a new hdmi cord. went to futture shop bought a new one and nothing. tryed every input into the receiver and nothing. so i dont know whats wrong. the ps3 works the tv works. they work together. the receiver works wth my cable and surround sound. but it wont seem to work for the hdmi inputs.

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Re: Receiver Problem

When you connect the PS3 to the tv to ensure it's working, do you use the HDMI cable, or another type of connection? If you used a different type of connection prior to obtaining your new tv/receiver, you may need to go into your PS3's video settings and change the output to "HDMI"


If that's not the issue, can you be a little more specific about how exactly you have it set up that isn't working? I assume you're going PS3 ----> HDMI in ---->  Receiver -----> HDMI out ----> TV?

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Re: Receiver Problem

It sounds to me like you maybe upgraded the PS3 firmware and then it reset some of your video display options.


Unlike most hardware devices, you can actually turn on/off outputs from your PS3.


Sometimes when you upgrade your PS3 firmware, the settings change.  You have to go back to your video display settings and ensure that HDMI is turned on, and that the proper video settings (1080p or whatever) are output by your PS3 so that your receiver and TV can interpret them properly.


Also, sometimes if you plug in other outputs, the settings will change too.  I forget, but if you were using your TOS link, and then plugged in your HDMI, your TOS link would be automatically deactivated.


Check and double-check the settings from your PS3 menu.  That is a likely culprit to your problem.

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