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Nordic Start NS2422TW - changed remote battery

Changed the battery on my two way remote. Backlight works, LCD disdplay works but no other functionality. What do I have to do ?

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Re: Nordic Start NS2422TW - changed remote battery

You will need to re-program your remote to the vehicle again.  This has been posted in the community a few times, but here goes again:


Open hood, and find the hood pin. Hold the hood pin down for at least 5 seconds, release it and then quickly press and release it again.


At this point, the blue light on the antenna should be on solid, and your parking lights on solid (if hooked up). You now have 20 seconds to complete the programming.


Turn the key all the way to RUN position but do not crank it, and turn the key back off and pull out of ignition.


Hold down the lock button on the remote for about 5 seconds. You will hear the brain under the dash click on and off 5 times, and see the parking lights flash 5 times (if hooked up). 


At this point the remote is programmed to the car again, so close the hood (or wait 20 seconds until the blue light on the antenna and/or parking lights go out), and test the remote.


Or if you dont want to do this yourself, take your car along with proof of installation to your local Future Shop, and they will do the programming for you


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