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Registered: ‎02-17-2009

my sub is acting weird

i have an phoenix gold amp with a jbl 12" sub

i hooked it up about 2 weeks ago and its been working great.  good bass sound coming from it.

today i got some self tap screws so i could screw the amp down to the back of the seat.  so i unscrewed all the connections

so i could move the amp aroound to find a spot.  in the end i didnt end up screwing it down as i didnt have enought room.

so finally i went an reconnected all the wires to the proper locations, same spots as before.  but now when i go to turn the radio on,

if i put the volume past lets say 10, the sub just starts pounding to its max constatly, and it wont stop, even if i turn down thevolume, it keeps going, so i have to then turn the car off.

what could be wrong, ive checked all the wiring and ground poitns etc...and they all seem fine

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Amp could be messed up from something - if you have warre...

Amp could be messed up from something - if you have warrenty take it back to be tested


it could be a ground issue - bad ground point, lose connection, wire pinched, wire corroded, not making enough contact, and on and on........
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Posts: 5
Registered: ‎02-17-2009

no warranty i checked all my ground points, cleaned them...

no warranty

i checked all my ground points, cleaned them off, re soldered my terminal connections and checked when i ran the wires.  nothign seems odd.

so did i blow the amp? the fuse is still fine.

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Registered: ‎04-08-2009

A few years back I had an MTX amp that did the same thing...

A few years back I had an MTX amp that did the same thing, although it happened while it was playing. In my case it was from putting a 1-ohm load on the amp and it cooked something. Subs just starting going crazy. Friends in the car thought it was really crazy bass - felt like shotgun blasts going into the seat. Had to turn off the deck and then disconnect the amp.


Anyway, symptoms seem the same. For what it's worth, I got that amp repaired for about $50 at an electronics place in Winnipeg but that was probably close to 10 years ago now.


To be fair to MTX that amp was pounding for a really long time under that (improper) load before it went. One of the best amps I've ever had.

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