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sound cuts out for a second or two on shaw PVR

I was wondering if anyone has had this experience. Every once and a while when I am watching my PVR the sound will cut out for about 1-2 seconds. Some shows do this every couple of minutes, some shows only do this once every half hour or so, and some don't do this at all. I have heard from one or two people that this has happend to them as well. It also seems to happen on certain channels over other channels. Is this a broadcast limitation with shaw? Shaw says they never heard of that, but I know it's BS because other people have had that problem. Just recently my girfriend's friend ( who doen't have digital cable ) says she gets a similar thing but it is beeps and clicks. Is shaw advancing too fast for thier own good ?
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Shaw audio cutting out.

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As an Installer I have seen and heard this problem many many times. It is something that only happens on certain channels. We have talked to shaw about in the past and they said they were working on it. I think its a bandwidth issue. It could depend on where you live. Old lines. One day shaw will have to replace all the hard lines. But in the mean time they say they are working on fixing it. You are the first I've heard of it again in the last couple months but i guess once a person gets used to it they don't say anything about it. It sucks to have that problem exspecially since shaw is the only cable provider. All in due time my friend.

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I have Cogeco Digital Cable, I actually had audio and pic...

I have Cogeco Digital Cable, I actually had audio and picture break up in HD channels, called Cogeco and it ends up the wall to PVR, tv cable was not of a very good quality, they replaced the cable for free with a top of the line one (Thicker that typical ones). Video break up stopped and the picture is perfect. Audio is good when through HDMI, which was through the home theatre. There are a few odd break ups (very rare and short) when I'm not using the home theatre because the audio cables directly to the TV are standard one and I think the sound quality is too much for them.
Or it could be a special Shaw problem only.

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Thanks for the confirmation!

Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy. It's not that big of a problem since it is intermittant, but it is nice to know I don't have a defective PVR. I can understand that HD is still in it's infancy and it will take time to weed out bugs like this.
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