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Bestbuy please stop selling Epson printers

I own an Epson Inkjet printer which I purchased from Bestbuy...


I print maybe 10 pages a month, and everytime I go to print something, my printer tells me I'm out of ink. I just spent $20 on black ink to print something in black and white (after adjusting all of my printer settings) and my printer refuses to print because I'm low on colour ink.


Bestbuy, Epson is notorious for scaming customers when it comes to ink. There was even a class action suit against them. Do some research, protect your customers, and stop selling Epson products to unsuspecting people.


Thank you.

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Re: Bestbuy please stop selling Epson printers

Thats all ink jet printers, that is why the printers are cheap and ink is always so expensive, all printer companies make their money off the ink.


Switch to a laser and you wont be disappointed

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Re: Bestbuy please stop selling Epson printers

I love my Epson printer!  I use the scanner function more than the print function, but I also use it to print directly on CDs/DVDs/BDs.


It works much better than my Canon, which was very difficult to set up on WiFi.  (Never could find it on the network).


The software on the Epson works very well and was up in running within minutes.

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Re: Bestbuy please stop selling Epson printers

If you print so little and only in black I would suggest to invest your money into a laser printer. Yes they are more expensive up front but than you don't need to worry about the ink drying out over time.


As per the colour ink issue that's some what newer and you will see that in every brand now where it won't print if colour is low. Most ink cartridges can start to dry up in as short as 3-4 weeks once they have been opened.