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3DS Return

I purchased a 3DS just a few days ago and am feeling unsatisfied with it. It was purchased as part of the "Free Mario Game Deal" and the extended 2 year futureshop warranty. I am curious where this sits under the return policy as the Mario game is software and "can only be redeemed for another copy". I still have all the packaging but when it says in the original condition does that mean the box cannot be opened? Also if I cannot get a refund on the 3DS am I able to get a refund on the extended warranty? Thanks for your time.

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Re: 3DS Return

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You can return everything for a full refund. Since the software was packaged as a free bonus with the hardware purchase, you don't really need to worry about the fact that it is opened or normally "exchange only". You paid for the hardware, you will have no problem returning it along with everything that was packaged in for a full refund as long as your receipt etc is in order :smileyhappy:


Also, no one will judge you if the reason you are "unsatisfied" with it has anything to do with today's announcement of the 3DS XL. That's the way commerce works, as a recent purchaser you are more than justified :smileywink:

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