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Re: Pre ordering question

I found a couple of posts that seem to answer my question and the other one about delivery dates so i'll just repost them here. 


Regarding Pre-Orders selling out online:


"We have a set number of consoles allocated for the launch of Wii U. Once we pre-order that set number, customers will no longer be able to pre-order the Wii U in store or online.

As far as pre-order confirmation goes, as long as you pre-order your console before run out, you will get it during the launch week. After we run out, customers who haven't pre-ordered will have to wait until replenishment stock arrives after the Wii U launch."


Regarding the delivery dates:


"Hi everyone,

We recognize that the Wii U launches on a Sunday, and are currently looking into ways of having web customer's orders arrive on Sunday.

Stay tuned, as we will provide updates regarding this."



So it seems that it's good news all around :smileyhappy:

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Re: Pre ordering question

Will FS have any for sale in store on launch day?

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Re: Pre ordering question

That all depends on how many systems Future Shop is getting as a whole.  I know they stopped the preorders for the Black Deluxe Wii U system, so provided they receive more than they allocated for with their preorders then they should have extra to sell.  Due to the fact that there is only going to be so many available in North America on November 18th, it's likely there won't be tons available, but you could get lucky.  Future Shop still has the basic model available for preorder (depending on when you read this that may not be true anymore) - so you could always try to snag one of them to be safe.  Not much difference between the two, minus the included Nintendo Land and the console charging dock.  The extra internal memory is kind of moot since most people have a portable hard drive nowadays.  White still looks pretty good imo.  I have a black on preorder (I preordered about an hour after the link became active) and can't wait for November 18th.

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