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Re: why is the nintendo wii out of stock since Christmas

Why is this console so popular though?


It's not like the games were that good, it's expensive if we compare to the 2 other gaming consoles (it's more expensive than a 60GB Xbox360, and also more than a 250GB PS3 Slim if you decide to buy Wii Fit and a few more accessories too). And the graphics are not that good either, but that doesn't matter at all to me.


A great thing about this console, however, is the ability to purchase Virtual Console games so you can play great oldschool games. Still, I would think Wii's sales would drop since last year wasn't that good of a gaming year for the Wii in terms of new releases... 


I don't understand why Nintendo isn't shipping more Wii's to stores lately though. They're probably trying to keep the effect of scarcity on the market to make people want it more. (People tend to want something more than usual if it's unavailable to them at a given moment)


Anyways, I still think it's a good console, but I fail to comprehend why this would still be popular today if we take into consideration what this console has to offer.

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Re: why is the nintendo wii out of stock since Christmas

The console is popular because it appeals to a demographic that the 360 and PS3 do not appeal to.  XBox 360 and the PS3 are both consoles that tend to focus on seasoned gamers, who either like to play alone or online.  This demographic looks for the most advanced graphics and gameplay, and like intense action.  Look at all the biggest sellers for these systems - they're all rated Mature, or at least most of them are.


The Wii, on the other hand, appeals to the casual gamer.  One who likes playing with a group of people, and games that are just good clean fun - like Mario Party.  It lets each person get more involved than just sitting in a chair moving their thumbs around.  There are also games like Wii Fit that help people enjoy playing a video game while incorporatin exercise into their lives.  Sure, it costs $100, but think of how much you could save on a gym membership while still getting a decent amount of exercise in a day.  It's a system that created a level playing field when it came to video games.  You don't have to be an experienced gamer to excel, and most of the time, it doesn't help. 


The games are quite literally, fun for the whole family, and lots of people who wouldn't have considered getting a video game console gave in when the Wii came out.




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Re: why is the nintendo wii out of stock since Christmas

The Wii is popular for one incredibly ingenious reason - its everybody's second favorite console!  Many people who own a PS3 or Xbox also want the Wii for its "good clean fun."  So if you assume every PS3 owner wants a Wii and every Xbox owner wants a Wii than theoretically the Wii will sell as much as PS3 and Xbox combined.


They don't teach you that in economics school!

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Do you sell Wii Console's?

Do you sell Wii Console's?
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Re: Do you sell Wii Console's?

Yes, Future Shop sells Wii consoles.


However, they have been out of stock at all Future Shop stores since boxing day. No one knows when they will be back in stock.

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