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Exalted Expert / Community Ambassador
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Homeless Hotspots?

What do others think about this job concept? 

Would you pay for this service?

Would you want your children making $50 a day?

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Re: Homeless Hotspots?

I've watched the first article and while it may seem like it is a helpful service, I don't think it is really benefiting the community since there are no skills learned by these homeless people selling WiFi hotspot service, and I don't feel comfortable giving homeless people cash.


I would much prefer to donate to a local shelter or community centre where I know that my dollars will be going towards actual aid.


If this was a job where these people were trained with some work skills, I would support it more.  As it stands, they are just peddling a service that was strapped to their backs.  Once you take these devices away, they have no means to make their lives better.

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