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How do I get a gift receipt when buying online?

I need a gift receipt because I'm buying this off registry for a shower so just in case they get two....

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Re: How do I get a gift receipt when buying online?



Thanks for your inquiry.


Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain a gift receipt ONLINE.


If you still need a gift receipt, your best option would be to speak to the customer service department and explain your scenario. I think they might be able to issue a gift receipt to you manually. They will need you to provide your specific order number and a copy of your receipt from your online order.


If you would like to proceed with getting a gift receipt for your specific online order, please click on my name on the side, and send me a private message with your name, email, and order number. I will then forward that along to a specific team in customer service that can provide assistance for something like this.







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