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I've got a problem with online order

Hello I ordered a fit bit u processed the order didn't go through. U said u would re try after I called haven't yer and when I look up my order I can't find it.. did u cxl


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Re: I've got a problem with online order

Hello @KristinWilkie.


Welcome to the forum. This is a peer-to-peer discussion forum and not a customer service centre, so the customer service department does not receive these posts or communicate on the forum. So you're not speaking directly with Best Buy customer service when you're posting on here.


The forum team does not have access to order info, so we can't personally handle these types of customer service issues. If I understand your post correctly, you ordered a Fit Bit online, but the order was unsuccessful, correct? For something like this, please simply just give our customer service department a call at 1-866-237-8289. Only they can handle these types of ordering issues, and they will provide all further assistance. If you've already been in contact with them, I'm sure they are not ignoring your issue, but they might just not be able to get back to you instantaneously. Perhaps give them a call again to confirm what's going on with your order. If your order did not go through and you were not charged, then you might just need to order it again. 




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