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When will be be able to use a Reward Certificate online?

So recently I earned a $5 reward certificate but not being able to drive makes it very hard to actually get to the nearest physical best buy store. But of course it comes with this simple problem Can be used at any Best Buy retail store. Cannot be used for purchases at


I do like 95% of my shopping online.  It's extremely annoying in this day and age not to be able to use something as simple as this on your webstore, especially when it comes with a barcode that can easly be entered into the coupon slot during checkout.



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Re: When will be be able to use a Reward Certificate online?

A year later and still nothing. A community manager said " We are much closer to having this option available to you than we were before". That was 2 and a half years ago. I guess they were VERY far, so "much closer" is still nothing after 2 and a half years. Smiley Indifferent