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What do you think of the Eset 5 ?

Just wanted to know from the people who have used this new security suite, I currently have the 90 day trial of Norton IS running and I have seen the new Eset 5.0 . Is the new security suite better than norton now or kaspersky for example, i want something with a great firewall (not comodo or outpost), has esets firewall gone better? Thanks for all your opinions.
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Re: What do you think of the Eset 5 ?

What complaints you have with Norton? I've been on Norton products for decade with few complaints. Currently loving 360. Frequently at the top in magazine reviews.
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Re: What do you think of the Eset 5 ?

Eset products are reputable, so you can't go wrong from a protection point-of-view, and their products are usually lighter in footprint compared to Norton and Mcafee (although Norton has caught up in recent years).  Personally I use Eset's antivrus/antispyware product NOD32 (not the full security suite) on my home server and laptop.


As to whether you want to switch from your current product to Eset is more of a personal decision; if you catch the product on sale and able to save some money, I would go for it.  However if you like Norton and don't want to "rock the boat" by uninstalling Norton and reinstalling with another product, then stay with it.


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