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i purchased a samsung laptop from your company.....I am ...

i purchased a samsung laptop from your company.....I am trying to activate the office2010 and it tells me the product key is invalid????? help me out plz.
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Re: i purchased a samsung laptop from your company.....I am ...

If you're activating a copy of Office 2010, your Product Key should work to activate the preinstalled version of Office. If you're trying to activate an older copy of Office, such as Office 2007 or Office 2003, these Product Keys will -not- work to activate Office 2010. In this case, you'll need to uninstall the preloaded Office 2010, then install Office from the CD or DVD that is with your Product Key.


If this isn't the case at all, we'll need a little more information. Which version of Office are you trying to activate?

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Re: MS-Office activation problems

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I went through this with a friend's machine last week.


There's a Microsoft support chat option.  Use it to confirm the license is still good first.  If the license is for the full version and not a trial.  They will walk you through UNINSTALLING Office before reinstalling it.  I did this and then the license number activated.

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