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Re: Batman : Arkham City Future Shop Exclusive Steelbook?

This Steelbook situation is getting out of hand. I preordered in August, When the bonus section of the CE stated I would recieve the Steelbook as a preorder guarantee. Now the bonus section has been altered. Not entirely sure why, but in emails from CS said they will  "see to it" that I will get one. While when I call CS they said something entirely different...  all the other people who preordered early will be very anger if they get denied the preorder guarantee that was on the page during the order.


I consider this a decietfull bussiness tactic, I for one will return the game if I get denied this bonus. This angers me because all other retailers know to avoid such things by extending any preorder bonus/guarentee to all existing preorders... In what way is it logical for the consumer to cancell an "old" preorder and make a "new" preorder to get a "bonus". It's not logical at ALL, consider this, Why should the consumer have to consistently stay up to date with the FS site. What's the point of preordering then?


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Re: Batman : Arkham City Future Shop Exclusive Steelbook?

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MeccaFlare0 needs to be Kudoed to the stars(click on the white star under his name for his post above mine) if you agree with him. 


I have never agreed more with a poster on these boards then him. These bait and switch tactics need to be exposed!


I have spent thousands of dollars at your store yearly but if one more pre-order bonus does not show up in my mail with my game then I will never buy anything from Futershop again.


O, JS please don't post the canned message regarding contacting customer service.


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Re: Batman : Arkham City Future Shop Exclusive Steelbook?

Hi everyone,


Just a code of conduct reminder:


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Batman Arkham City Steelbook for ALL PRE-ORDERS

I pre-ordered when it was $10 off during a sale, so I'm not going to re-order since it will cost me more.


It said specifically during my pre-order I will get the bonus.  Also, Futureshop's policy states that all pre-orders will receive all the bonuses along with the the lowest price guarantee.


Furthermore, see this screenshot of the text that appears when you click on the bonuses for this item.


It clearly states that all pre-orders will receive the steelbook and be upgraded to the exclusive edition.


So from a legal perspective (i.e. advertising claims) everyone should be protected.. in practice, I somehow doubt they will be manually fixing all older pre-orders to include the steelbook, so get ready to spend some time on the phone.



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