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PSP Dissidia Bundle

Hey all,


I was pleasantly surprised to see that FS will be offering the core PSP-3000 with Dissidia Final Fantasy for a discounted price if bought together:


However, I was wondering whether there is any news on whether FS (or any other Canadian retailer) will be selling Sony's "official" Dissidia PSP bundle, that comes with a silver PSP, the game, a 2GB memory stick, and the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children UMD.  Currently, (competitor) is the only store selling this package, for US $199: http://www.(competitor).com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=74864


Since FS carries the Rock Band and Hannah Montana packs, would it be safe to assume they will also be carrying the Dissidia pack upon the game's release?  

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Re: PSP Dissidia Bundle

I wouldn't bet on Future Shop carrying it.  It says, quite clearly, in the post you linked to that it is a retailer exclusive bundle.  Since that retailer is not Future Shop, there can be no guarantees that it'll be available there.  That could also explain why Future Shop is offering their own bundle.
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