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Which "unobtainable" audio/ video gear do you desire most

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I'm talking about that super expensive gear, or custom made equipment that you're just drooling to get at home, so which brand, model would you most like to have?

So lets see what high end gear is on your mind.

For me, I'd love to get my paws on any gear from FMAcoustics Heart even their used equipment would be nice.


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Re: Which "unobtainable" audio/ video gear do you desire most

I don't think my ears would be able to tell the difference with some of those things.

Seen amp's that cost 30k or subs that are 5k - there comes a point where very few people I think could really benefit from that extra price point.

I wouldn't mind me an iMAX projector though lol.
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Re: Which "unobtainable" audio/ video gear do you desire most

I am blaming you for my latest buying OCD cravings.


Ever since you mention the LDAC feature on my Sony receiver, I have been looking at the LDAC headphone, the $500 Sony MDR1000X/B from BestBuy which supersedes the the MDR1ABT/S. I can still get the MDR1ABT/s from Amazing-zon for the same price but I'm guessing it is better to go with the newer model.



My current headphone stash are the Sennheiser Urban and Momentum on-ear, my old favorite Sennheiser HD 555, black friday sale of Sony MDR950BT, and finally the Apple Airpods and the beats x.


Airpods for the gym, Beats X for walk-abouts, the MDR950BT when I feel moody at home, Momentums and Urbans for my drums and keyboards and sometimes when I want a bit of solid music and the old HD555 mainly for the keyboard mainly because it lets in the ambience.


I really don't want to buy another headphone and hopefully my I-already-own-too-many-headphones resolve will hold me back.


So what do you think? the MDR1000X is a must-buy right?