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ConnectPro Home Theatre Installation Services board

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If you're looking to get a home theatre issue troubleshooted, head on over to the ConnectPro Home Theatre Installation Services board where a ConnectPro Expert or fellow community member will be happy to help!
What can a ConnectPro Home Theatre Installation Services Expert help you with?
  • Designing and installing high-performance home theatre systems, from recommending the suitable size and dimensions for your television screen to integrating an invisible speaker system.
  • Tailoring your experience with over 20 optional services.
  • Integrating new technologies like flat-panel TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, HD audio/video, gaming systems and iPod functionality.
  • Calibrating your system for optimum performance.
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    free install for 120 hz TVs?

    Is FS still offering free hook up from connect-pro staff for 120 hz TV purchases ?
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    Re: Plasma TV Calibration

    Does ConnectPro offer professional level calibration with a scope and meter hooked to the TV? I can see by the website that they offer THX calibration, but that can be accomplished with any THX DVD like "Star Wars" and running the THX optomizer menu. Takes about 2 minutes to do, and is only 4 steps.


    I'm looking to find out what is involved with the ConnectPro Colibration.

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    Re: ConnectPro Home Theatre Installation Services board

    At FS we offer our exclusive sku's with basic video install(connectpro) and our exclusives usually have 2-3 differences to that off our competitors set.  However some sets there are no feature differences except thickness(like the panasonic G15 vs G10) yet our price is higher with the install option included.  Many clients like the idea of install but many more state they don't need it and would rather save the money and get it for the lower (competitors) price.  We can do that and the sales person lose there commission when they do. 

    The FIX: I suggest that we offer our exclusive TV's with our exclusive CALIBRATION service at the same price we are currently offering our exclusive tv's w/Connectpro install (in place of install NOT including).

    i.e panasonic 42G15 $1299.99 w/basic install should now be $1299.99 w/Calibration only.

    This way we separate ourselves from the competition and truly offer a unique service.  We can sell the Connectpro service separately to the clients that do require it.  Calibration demonstrations would still be given and because our tv's come with CALIBRATION it makes it a must have that the competition can NOT OFFER at any price.


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    Re: Plasma TV Calibration

    At fs, we office ISF calibration which does just that configures your tv, to the ISF standards which makes your tv really bring out some of the colours you've really been missing, such and crushing whites, and bleeding blacks, it really diversifies the colours and makes your tv shine (in a way) like never before


    if there is anything else let me know:smileyhappy:

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    Re: Plasma TV Calibration

    We actually do a full ISF Calibration with a spectrometer and a video generator.

    It takes about 2 hours usually.

    We take care of calibrating your system, not just the screen.


    The result is an accurate picture reproduction.



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    Re: Plasma TV Calibration

    Thank you for the tips
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    Re: Plasma TV Calibration

    How long will the ISF calibration of my TV last? Indefinately, or does it need repeating evert few years? Thanks, Jake

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    Re: Plasma TV Calibration

    phycomp wrote:

    How long will the ISF calibration of my TV last? Indefinately, or does it need repeating evert few years? Thanks, Jake

    Professionals recommend it be done every one to two years - more often for TVs that are lamp-based (like front and rear projectors), less often for TVs using LCD backlighting, or plasma TVs. Even LED TVs have a slow drift in their light output over time.
    Although there are measurable changes in the picture produced by a TV over the course of a typical year or two of use that can be corrected by re-calibration, you will probably not notice as big a change in the picture appearance on subsequent calibrations as there was after the initial calibration. Ultimately, how often you have a re-calibration done is a balance between your desire to have a "perfect picture" vs the significant cost of having a professional calibration done.
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