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Registered: ‎12-30-2011

Wrong resolution TV purchased

Hey all,


My family purchased me a "1080p" 50PV350 (LG 50" tv) that was represented as a full 1080p TV (were talked out of a LED tv to this one when in store)


The problem is when I hooked it up in my apartment, I couldn't figure out why it was downsampling.  Turns out it isn't a full 1080p tv, it downsamples to 1024x768.  For the extra $50 I'd really like to exchange it for a 50PV400 which is a real 1080p tv (as they thought they purchased)


Three questions though:


1 - Can I exchange it given I'm not the original purchaser?  I have the receipt and whatnot, just not the card (given the product being a gift)


2 - If I can exchange it, can the extended warranty and calibration be transferred to the new product?


3 - (probably the biggest question) how in the world, being a single guy in Toronto, do I return a 50" tv to a store when it's just big enough that I can't carry the thing?  Any suggestions on this front would be fantastic.  I know they do deliveries, but I doubt that they'll exchange through this process.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.



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Re: Wrong resolution TV purchased

Basically, I can answer "YES" to all of the questions you answered.  I would highly recomend talking to the Sales Manager of the store it was purchased and politely explain the situation.  They can arrange pick-up and delivery but there may be a charge involved...or maybe get a friend to help and buy him lunch, its a cheaper alternative :smileywink:


Now, what I don't understand is what you are hooking the TV up to.  The TV will show a resolution of 1024x768 (720p) if connected to a TV set top box (satellite or cable provider)  If you are connecting a PC or a BluRay player you will be able to get a 1080p signal.


Last thing, not sure about the model number that was provided.  I couldn't see that model on the, however all the plasma models on are 1080p.  You did mention that $50 more would have gotten you an LED TV.  The most expensive LG 50" plasma I found on is $750, that would mean for $800 you could get a 50" LED TV.  But, the cheapest LG 50" LED is $1000 on sale.  So you see, it doesn't add up.  Maybe after all the add-ons and taxes the total bill was $50 less.  I would talk to the manager and I'm sure you can get it figured out and get the TV you want.







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Re: Wrong resolution TV purchased

You sure it isnt a PT350? That is definitely a 720p model.


Sales associates will sometimes say the tv is 1080i  which stands for interlaced rather than 1080p which stands for progressive scanning. The difference being; interlaced only displays half the lines , 540 and then displays the other 540 lines, whereas progressive displays all 1080 lines at the same time, giving you all that extra detail. True 1080p is currently only available via a bluray disc in Canada.


1080i really doesn't exist as it is actually a different pixel count, the TV has to scale the resolution up or down. IMHO, sales asscoiates should refrain from stating 1080i as it can often be misleading or confusing to the average consumer.

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