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2011 Zeitgeist: The Best of Google, Twitter, Facebook

by Blogger on ‎12-16-2011 10:52 AM

If you want insight as to how much the internetknows about you, just look at the annual Zeitgeist.  Every time we search for something, the internet knows and tracks it.  Twitter monitors our Tweets, Facebook tracks our statii.  We can pretend to be elite in our taste, artsy in our culture, savvy in our current events but the internet knows the truth: we don't know how to type in a web address.




The fastest rising Googled term in Canada for 2011 was  A web address.  A simple website that we could type in a browser bar to get to the Canadian Census, but people put in the search bar.  It shows a lot about us, we Google everything.


Here are the other top things we sought this past year:

2. Skyrim

3. Canada Post strike

4. Rebecca Black

5. Ryan Dunn

Top Google Image Searches:

1. Justin Bieber

2. Selena Gomez

3. Kim Kardashian

4. Katy Perry

5. Flowers

Top Recipe Searches:

1. Pork Tenderloin

2. Pumpkin Pie (which would explain why this kid friendly pumpkin pie recipe is my most hit link at DadCAMP)

3. Butter Chicken

4. Quinoa Salad

5. Cake Pops


Google has put together the top events from around the world in a great video, the Google Zeitgeist for 2011.



golden tweet.jpgTWITTER

Twitter's in on the act too with Trending topics.  This year's Golden Tweet (the most retweeted message on the service) goes to .. .. .. Wendy's:

Twitter has a variety of social graphs tracking our activity over the past 12 months.  The most tweeted event was Beyonce's belly at the MTV VMAs beating out the execution of Troy Davis and the end of the FIFA Women's World Cup.


The top #hashtags of 2011, showing you Twitter is 60% sillly, were:

1. #egypt

2. #tigerblood

3. #threewordstoliveby

4. #idontunderstandwhy

5. #japan


An arbitrary list, Top 50 Funniest Tweets of 2011, is fun too and saw this at number one:



— Eli Braden (@EliBraden) July5, 2011




Facebook is calling their countdown Memology 2011. The most popular global status update topics in 2011 were led by the Death of Osama bin Laden, Packers win the Super Bowl, Casey Anthony found not guilty, Charlie Sheen, and the Death of Steve Jobs.


In Canada, things were a little different:

1. lms (Yes, the top thing in Canada was for Facebook users to beg their friends to "lms" - like my status)

2. Jack Layton

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

4. Death of Osama bin Laden

5. Charlie Sheen

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