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5 Top Apps For Preschool Kids

by Blogger on ‎09-24-2011 07:28 PM

iboys.jpgMy son is 20 months old and he has his own iPhone. Granted it's "only" a sim-less hand-me-down iPhone 3G from me when I upgraded to the iPhone 4, but still - he's not even 2 and he has an iPhone.  


I had to hand the iPhone down to him, to stop the fighting over the iPad.  


Yes, I have iBoys, they love touch screens and they love their apps. Here are 5 of their faves:


App Store - Intro to Letters, by Montessorium

Intro To Letters - $4.99 - iPad / iPhone / iPod

One of the problems with iKids is the lack of penmanship. I'm trying to mitigate my sons' inability to maneuver with pen and paper to at least get him understanding the shapes and sounds of letters.

This app helps kids learn the shapes and names of letters as well as the sounds they make in words. It's just one of many other reading and math apps in the Montessorium library.


App Store - Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox - iPad / iPhone / iPod 

My younger son likes this one. It helps kids sort by learning colours and letters as the Monkey guides them through a variety of tasks.  After each succesful level you are awarded a sticker for your wall.  

Warning - turn the sound off before you turn the app on or the screeching of the monkey will drive you. 




Balloonimals - iPad / iPhone / iPod

Backyard barbeques with other famliies are the perfect place to learn about other apps that parents have discovered to amuse their kids. That's where I found this balloon twisting app.

Select a colour of balloon, blow on the microphone of your iPad, iPhone or iPod to fill the balloon and then shake to twist.  Once you have a cute animal, pop him and move on to the next.




The Monster At The End Of This Book - 99c - iPad / iPhone / iPod

The moment you fire open this app you'll be transported to your own childhood. Chances are you (and your parents) read this night time classic that now gets the app treatment. 
Grover reads the book and begs the child not to turn the page in an immersing and engaging experience that will have your giggles rolling on the floor giggling each of the dozen times they read it in a row.

An instant classic.



Tickle Tap Toddler Pack - $3.99 - iPad / iPhone / iPod

The Tickle Tap library of apps consists of nearly a dozen apps that you can buy individualy, or you can bundle into toddler packs.  

The app helps to build sorting skills, counting and musical appreciation in easy to graps games. 




Honorable Mentions:

I can't just leave you with 5 when I have nearly 6x that many apps for my kids loaded into the iPhones and iPad in the house.  We also love flipping through the library of Dr Seuss apps.


For those who like characters, check out the apps from Diego and Super Why.


For straight ahead gaming that BOTH parent and child can enjoy, you can't miss with games like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump.


What are your favorite apps for kids?

by petra on ‎12-20-2012 05:22 AM

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you the experience of my kid with new application WORLD OF VIOLET (video here My little boy has already started to be really curious, so we decided to buy kids application for tablet. I must admit that we were very impressed by conjunction of comic book and games that my little one loves. He likes puzzles, but also coloring book. Thanks to it, he by the way learned how to play with tablet himself. Judge for yourself at 

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