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And The App Goes To ....

by Blogger on ‎02-22-2012 08:40 AM

oscar.jpg.jpgWhen it comes to the second screen, The Oscars have it down.  You'll almost need a 3rd screen to keep tabs on all the events going on this weekend.


Keep your big screen on the main telecast, have your laptop popped open to the cattiness on Twitter while you have your iPhone or iPad locked on the official Oscars app.


That is, if you live in the US. The best app for film's biggest night is geoblocked.  Makes me think of a recent cartoon from The Oatmeal, and a debate over whether geoblocking is ethical.


The argument is, simply, there are no borders on the internet and if someone wants to become a customer, make it easy for them.


It's a shame, because the Official Oscars app is killer with not only a hosted live feed, but a direct mode that will let you swap between a dozen cameras to give personalize the experience you get.  Want to linger a little longer on a loser? Go right ahead, this app puts you in the control room directing the coverage.


You could do that if you were in the States on Sunday, but not on your couch in Canada.  So here are some other Maple Leaf friendly apps to look at for the big night.


redcarpet.jpgIf the award ceremony itself doesn't matter, but you're more about the pre-game show, you'll need to pick up E!'s Live From The Red Carpet


This free app has been in high gear throughout awards season tracking them all.

You can quickly scan red carpet fashion shots from the Oscars and compare them with the SAGs, Sundance, The Grammys and more.


Clips of the grand entrances are there, along with the GlamCam 360 to see the best outfits in all their glory.  If it's about fashion for you on Sunday, this is the best app to see every single moment of the carpet.


If Oscar night is a gambling endeavour for you and your friends, check out Awards Hero, a free app that will help with some backgrounders on the nominees and even set up an Oscar Pool for your Facebook friends.


vanityfair.jpgLet's face it, the Oscars is 3+ hours of "who?", "huh?", "they sort of look familiar."  To help you place that face and run down the resume of some of the big winners, fire up IMDB.  It's the Yellow Pages of Hollywood with detailed resumes of not only actors and directors, but everyone who has ever been a best boy, key grip, or stuntman.


Vanity Fair Hollywood

Sure, there are the "People's Choice Awards" where we get to pick the winners, but this app is letting the internet chime in on their picks for the Golden Boys on Sunday.


How will we do vs "The Academy" and the panel of Vanity Fair columnists?  Grab the app and check it out.


You can also go on record with your preductions via Facebook and Twitter across 24 categories.


What are your picks for Oscar night?  Being a father of 2 boys under 5, I'm cheering for Puss In Boots.

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