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At X’10 – Assassins Creed Brotherhood brings new multiplayer mode

by Retired Blogger ‎08-30-2010 09:08 PM - edited ‎08-30-2010 09:12 PM


Aleissia Laidacker from Ubisoft Montreal takes me through some of the opening of Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and chats with e about some of the new features in both single and multiplayer modes.  Ubisoft appears to have further refined and added new elements to the engine, which includes a lot more horseplay (literally), some new mission variety, and at least one multiplayer mode that they’re openly talking about.


There ARE some spoilers in the video above, so keep that in mind.


 In previous games, horses weren’t permitted within city walls – now you’ll be able to go most places with your steed of choice.  By allowing this, they expanded on weapon use while riding, which adds horse-mounted assassination methods.  That alone is just about worth the price of admission, but there’s more.  Cannons were also demonstrated mounted around Ezio’s villa, while an invading force approached with turrets and infantry.  It almost felt like a bit of tower defense.  Although cannons won’t be everywhere, many of these special gameplay modes will be regular occurrences in the game, not limited to one time use (think Leo da Vinci’s flying machine), and will open up more mission variety.


On that ‘extra variety’, they’ve also added what amounts to ‘reverse leap of faiths’ by adding pulley systems and era-appropriate elevators that allow Ezio to rapidly gain altitude, which should come in handy, as they’ve made the AI much more aggressive in Brotherhood.  Luckily, Ezio’s gottan all bad ass too, with new finishing moves, and the ability to use both sword and gun at the same time.


The one multiplayer mode they were able to talk with me about is “Wanted Mode”, where one player is out to assassinate a target, all the while other assassins are hunting you.  In this mode, the target can be assassinated whatever way the player sees fit, so it’s not scripted in any way, and leads to a real “cat and mouse” kind of gameplay.


Additional text by Doug Groves


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