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Augmented Reality Kitchen, A New Way to Learn How to Cook?

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If you thought that celebrity cooking apps and how-to videos weren’t “techie” enough, then you’ll definitely be intrigued by the concept of an augmented reality kitchen to learn how to cook.

augmented reality kitchenYu Suzuki, a computer scientist from Kyoto Sangyo University in Japan, conceptualized this idea by setting up a kitchen with ceiling mounted cameras and projectors to overlay cooking instructions on the ingredients. The goal is to let the user concentrate on slicing without having to look up to view a book or screen for the next step in the recipe. Suzuki mentioned that one could cook easily and “visually understand how to prepare an ingredient for a recipe even if they have no cooking experience.”


New Scientist used the example of wanting to fillet a fish. The user would lay the fish down on a cutting board and the cameras will detect its outline and orientation. Then, the camera projectors can overlay a virtual knife on the fish with an outline for the chef to be informed on where to cut. Then a pop-up message will appear and help to guide the user through each step. 

This augmented reality kitchen includes a robot friend named Phyno that sits on the countertop to provide cooking support. When the camera detects that the chef is not touching any ingredients it sends a message to Phyno to ask you  - “Is this particular step in the recipe completed?” The user can reply, “yes” which they’ll be navigated to the next step. But if “no” is said, then the robot will repeat the instructions.


For now, this system can only help you prepare fish and slice onions. "Currently we have to develop a system based on a manual analysis of real cooking processes," says Suzuki. Therefore, it might be awhile before they can input every recipe from the Internet.


Would you like to learn how to cook in an augmented reality kitchen?  Or is it technology over-kill?


I’m fascinated by augmented reality and I love how companies and universities are trying to push the boundaries on this technology. 


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by x0pa on ‎08-22-2012 06:32 PM

microsoft has been showing this sort of tech for a while now, it would be pretty sweet to have this in our homes ;p

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