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Baby It's Cold Outside: Winter Warming Gadgets

by Blogger on ‎01-21-2012 06:49 AM - last edited on ‎05-03-2012 10:08 AM by Retired Moderator



I first discovered Glider Gloves a few years ago and they are incredible. They are a tight knit glove that, yes, actually works on your touch screen.  Now you're not going to use them to type emails or text with friends, they're not that accurate, but to change tracks on your iPhone, switch maps on your GPS or take a picture out in the snow?  Perfect.


Agloves is a similar product that has made waves recently as they had a booth at Showstoppers during CES 2012. While Glider Gloves say they use "conductive yarns" in their gloves for the touchscreen magic, Agloves is up front and says it's silver (hence the Ag) that makes their twitter mittens tick.


omniheat.jpgBOOTING UP

Most of use the USB key in our newer model cars to drop playlists in or charge our phone.  What about using it to charge your boots on the way to the hill?  Columbia has a line of electric clothing that actually boot up via USB.


Columbia's Omni-Heat Electric uses small heaters that look like portable external hard drives in your jacket that can be powered on with the touch of a button on your chest.  They provide up to 7 hours of heat right to your core and also can double as a USB charger for your devices. 


The gloves last up to 4 hours and have heating elements around each finger to keep them from getting frigid during late night rides. 


The boots have heaters built into the tread to keep your toes toasty while on long hikes or just your daily -30 commute waiting for the bus.



Burton's been famous for helping you access your music on the mountain.  For nearly a decade they've been putting iPod changers in the sleeve of your coat. The Burton Amp Jacket dropped in 2003 and ever since they've been putting headphones in beanies and helmets and they also have a line of gloves with remotes built in.  The Mix Master Glove has a removable remote that lets you flip between songs and playlists on your pod without missing a run.


10176370.jpgAPRES CHAUD

Being outside isn't the only time you'll be cold. Apres your outdoor adventures you can curl up by the fireplace channel on tv and crank up your Dyson Hot.  The company famous for vaccuums has recently expanded to fans and .. .. heaters.


Graham Williams had a chance to take the Dyson Hot on a test drive and here's his review:


The Dyson Hot is the best space heater I’ve ever used, and I’ve been through my share.


The Hot s smart. It spends three minutes “acclimatizing” itself to the room prior to heating; I have no idea what that means outside of the fact that you won’t get much heat during that time. When that time is up, however, it gets down to business and can put out a ridiculous quantity of heat in a very short time. It was able to warm up my average sized bedroom on the one cold night we’ve had so far in under 10 minutes.

 Dyson Hot review



If that's not enough to keep you warm, you could always track down some knitted headphone earmuffs or  battery heated socks.

It took a while to get here, but winter's settling in and it's a great time to get your geek on.


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