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Back To The Future

by Blogger on ‎07-08-2010 09:45 AM - last edited on ‎04-27-2012 05:09 PM by Moderator



Back To The Future Day won't actually happen until 2015 (there was a big fuss when many thought it was actually this week) but I'll be celebrating nonetheless later today when I flip my iPhone OS back to the old school 3.1.3.  I just can't handle the lag in iOS4 on my iPhone 3G anymore.

For me, the phone has slowed down considerably.  It takes forever (15 seconds) to load apps like Facebook or my email lag or crash.

@sarahmedic is experiencing similar troubles.

"I find my phone supremely slow now," she told me via email. "Almost every app crashes. My
text app is insanely slow to type,  send, & load my texts. I've had dropped calls for like the first time ever & like 3-4 in a row. Oh and the battery dies super fast."

"Generally I feel like ios4 broke my phone. made it worse instead of better. was much happier with my old os."

So Sarah is flipping back the calendar and I will too.

If you need to go back in time until you can get an iOS4 friendly iPhone,
LifeHacker has the steps you need to take.



I do like the "view all" in my email, the folders are intriguiging and I'm straight away getting an iPhone 4 as soon as it's possible (and assuming the upgrade fee is reasonable), but for now I'm taking my 2008 phone back to an era where the OS is just a little more comfortable.


catch the buzz  ... pass it on.

by Sonny on ‎07-08-2010 11:31 AM

I solved the battery vampire by disabling push. I noticed that when I hook up all three of my exchange emails on my phone (two personal, one gmail) that the phone would get hot and the battery would drain down about a 1% every few minutes. Disabling those exchange accounts and going with the IMAP helped save the battery... I'm testing push on a limited number of apps to see if the problem is still there.


What I also did was a complete refresh of the phone. First, erase all data and content under settings, general, refresh and choose the erase all data and content. Hook it back up to itunes, it will ask if you want to set this up as a new phone or from a back up. select new phone, but don't sync any data. When the screen comes up on itunes, click restore and itunes will factory refresh the phone, but with ios4... I noticed this helped all lag I was experiencing with the phone. You'll need to make sure all of your address, calendar, photos, songs, etc are all backed up appropriately. But again, do not set up the phone from a back up. Depending on how much data, content and apps, you have, it could take a min of one hour to upwards of 2-3. This totally helped me with the lag and bugginess, but it didn't help with the battery vampire. Again, I figure it was the push going overtime, so disable it where you can. 


if you double click the home button, you'll see the multitasking apps that are running. If you hold down the home button in this multitask area, a red circle with a "-" will come up. touch it to shut down the app. 


I also find it beneficial to shut down the phone every other day, or if you find it lagging and sticky, hold down the home and power button until the phone shuts itself down and the apple log appears. 

by Sonny on ‎07-08-2010 11:37 AM

I found having the gmail running as the only exchange email (thus emails being "pushed" to me from the cloud" didn't do much for killing the battery. It was only when I added the other too. 


Multitasking and push are seemingly killing the phone. 


As for jumping at the chance to get a iphone 4 when it becomes available in Canada... I'd say wait. The issues with the antenna are hardware based. only being able to hold the phone one way, or putting in your left hand and having the call dropped would be a big annoyance. 


There is speculation that the reason for the delay in the white iphone model was due to the fact that apple knew of the problem and the new white iphone might not have these issues. That being said, waiting until the antenna issues have been resolved would be the best way to go, or else you are going from bad to worse for a little extra speed and prettier icons. 


As for the software related issues... hopefully an update to ios4 is around the corner... but if my situation doesn't clear up in the next couple of days, I will be downgrading to 3.1.3. 

by Blogger on ‎07-14-2010 02:11 PM

As for the antenna / hardware issue - I'm hearing that protective cases provide enough gap between hand and antenna to mitigate the issue.


Still more research needs to be done - one of those times when it's good that Canadians were forced to wait.

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