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Blogger's Choice: Laptop Extras

by Blogger on ‎10-20-2010 07:49 PM - last edited on ‎05-01-2012 06:44 AM by Retired Moderator

What's a laptop without extras? It's boring that's what it is. Now that lots of people have laptops, there are more and more extras that can really help you get the most out of it. I have three suggestions for laptop extras: Belkin Mini Surge Charger, a Golla laptop bag, and a Gelaskins laptop sticker. Of the three, the only one that doesn't come down to personal choice is the Belkin power bar, so let's start there.


10111687_1.jpgI've had this Belkin power bar this in my bag for a couple years. Three outlets, two USB ports for charging, and it swivels so you can make the bar fit the place you need it.  It's a great, light, compact, must-have accessory. Oh you don't think so? Okay, wander down to any coffee place and you'll see all the folks with laptops crowded around the outlets. And if they aren't crowded around them, they are hovering over them like vultures. Want to make some new friends? Pull one of these out in a crowded coffee place or airport or conference and you'll be everyone's best friend. I promise. Oh and at $25, beyond the security of making sure you don't blow out your's a real steal.


Next up is a good bag. I've had a ton of bags in my time. As a guy, well, I tend to go for function over style. My wife, however, goes for style first. She's allowed, style is her world (and I have awesome shirts to prove it). Regardless, one of the hardest things for a woman to find for her laptop is a good bag that looks good. When I was shopping around for a bag for my wife, I zeroed in on the Golla bags. I got her a messenger bag style and, yes, she liked it. From my standpoint (as a guy making sure that the bag is more than pretty) I liked the touches like a strap to keep the flap from opening and lots of space inside the bag for "stuff". Golla makes backbacks, sleeves, and bags for pretty much any style of laptop or netbook (or iPad!). I'm not going to be so bold as to pick THE one for anyone, but if you're looking for a really good bag for a woman with a load of tech to trudge around, then the Golla bags are the place to look.


10110761.jpgThe last thing I suggest for the laptop own to be really stylin' is from Toronto-based Gelaskins. Gelaskins are vinyl stickers (the sticky part is made by 3M) that not only look cool, but at $30 are cheap protection for your machine...or iPhone or iPod or Blackberry or iPad...


Honestly, my wife and I have had Gelaskins on all our devices at one point or another. See, that's the great thing, while the Gelaskin will stick on, it peels off without leaving goo behind. There are so many Gelaskins to choose from, you'll just have to go down to the store and see what they have. Come to think of it, I think Iron Man is getting tired looking on my MacBook Pro... maybe I need a new Gelaskin myself!

by Retired Blogger on ‎10-20-2010 08:16 PM

Heh, dude, that Library Gelaskin is so rockin' my wife's Dell; has been for the last few years. And yes, they're awesome ways to personalize the 'generic' laptop look.

by Blogger on ‎10-20-2010 08:19 PM

Yep, I gave one to a friend. The fun is reading all the fake book titles!

by Exalted Expert / Community Ambassador on ‎10-20-2010 10:07 PM

I recommend a USB powered chillpad to many to maximize laptop life.

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