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by Blogger on ‎09-27-2011 12:23 PM - last edited on ‎09-27-2011 01:42 PM by Administrator

iphoneeventinvite.jpgThe cat’s out of the bag and Apple has made it official—Tuesday Oct 4th, 10 AM PT, Apple will announce something. Yeah, vague as always, but we all know what this is going to be about: the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 (well we hope). I’ll be following the event (not sure if it will be live-streamed right now) and reporting back here as soon as I can after it’s over.


What’s the skinny on the event? Well, we know that invites went out today (via MacStories, TUAW, and others) (sadly I didn’t get one) and we know that it’s going to be held at Apple and not in San Francisco or other location. The event is titled “Let’s talk iPhone” so we know something about the iPhone will be on the docket, but what?


  • iPhone 4s? (rumored to be a cheaper, entry level iPhone 4)
  • iPhone 5? (oh please, but then again I can’t afford to buy a new phone)
  • iOS 5?
  • iCloud and OS 10.7.2?
  • iTunes 10.5?
  • iPhoto 9.2?

MacStories has a great rumor roundup that I’ll be checking back with to play Apple event bingo (you know checking off what is rumored vs announced). Oh and let’s not forget that this will be Tim’ Cook’s first Apple event since taking the reins as CEO. Naw, no pressure there.


Regardless, within an hour of the event ending I’ll have all the details here for you. Live blog it? Yeah probably not. Since I might have three or four windows across at least two monitors (I might fire up the Linux box for more screen space) I don’t think I’ll be able to do much live. Though I’ll probably be taking notes on my iPad using Elements which I can then polish here on my MacBook using Byword and Marked.


Cause it’s all about the work flow, yo.

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